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Your favourite scrubs of the last year

Your favourite scrubs of the last year

If you are like us, and love to know what other people are buying, we’ve got the article for you. In 2023, we expanded our range of scrubs to bring you the very best for your work wardrobe. But what were the best selling scrubs of 2023?

2023 best selling scrubs

Before we break it down, let’s take a look at the overall best sellers last year. In 2023, you loved Kara Edit more than any other range. The Amor Zip top took the top spot, with more items sold than any other scrub top, trouser or accessory.

Now its time for our deep dive into the most popular scrubs per sector. Find out which brands, scrubs, colours and styles were the most popular by industry. Including Beauticians, Medical, Dental, Veterinary and Dog Grooming. Let’s see what the best selling scrubs of the past year were…


Beauty & Aesthetics

Across the UK, Edit was the most popular range among our beauty & aesthetics customers, and black was the most popular colour. No matter where you are in the country, you loved Kara Edit!

The beauty customers in the South of the UK bought more scrubs than their Northern counterparts on average, and showed a different preference in their colour choices. Take a look at colours they bought.

Beauty & aesthetics customers across the UK preferred black and blue, followed by pink and grey. Though, southerners love their white scrubs! Making them the second most popular colour in their region specifically. Edit was your first choice, but Jaanuu and Wink saw their fair share of purchases.

Your beautician top 5 workwear styles of 2023 were:

Our beauty customers value style, opting for sleek and unique designs that don’t compromise on function. Enjoying gold zips and hardware, as well as pockets and storage. Last year, we added disposable sheets to our website. They become very popular among clinics and salons who see regular clients. Shop beauty scrubs.



Our medical customers tend to have a different style and colour preference compared with others. Classic styles that are functional are most popular, and traditional colours are popular. Wink was the most sold range, followed by Jaanuu, Edit and Essentials.

The north south divide didn’t exist here, with a fairly even split in sales. Though, colour preferences were much more varied than in our beauty customers. Customers across England chose some variation of blue, from Navy to Caribbean Blue. Welsh medical customers preferred Black, while Scotland chose Navy. Northern Ireland went with Pewter!

Customers in the North chose more “other” colour options, so we might consider them slightly more adventurous! All over the UK, our medical customers bought far less pink than beauty customers, opting for blue as their chosen colour, followed by black, grey and green.

Your medical top 5 scrub styles of 2023 were:

Kara medical shoppers choose classic scrubs, relaxed fit with V-necks. They appreciate useful pockets, features and storage. Medical customers also opt for more straight leg trousers, and opt for comfortable and durable fabric. With Wink and Essentials being their most popular ranges. Shop medical scrubs.



Dental professionals throughout the UK have similar tastes, having the least divide between the northern and southern customers. They prefer the same colours, opting for grey and black as their favourites. Like their medical counterparts, dental customers preferred Wink scrubs for their workwear.

Northern and southern customers agreed for the most part, though southerners ditched the green scrubs entirely! As we have learned, northerners tend to buy more “other colours”. They are more likely to venture outside of the box with their scrubs.

Interestingly, grey is the most popular colour among dental professionals. A growing number over the years, from pale greys to pewter, dental customers love to wear classic grey scrubs!

Your dental top 5 scrubs styles were:

Dentists, dental assistants, and hygienists opt for a mixture of classic and stylish scrubs. You love function and pockets, but don’t like to compromise on a flattering silhouette and neckline. Among dental customers, jogger scrubs are increasingly popular. The cuffed style means the trousers don’t get in the way or move up and down. Whilst providing plenty of storage!

You loved classic colours and stretchy fabric, durable enough to withstand the challenges of a day in the dental office. Shop dental scrubs.



Veterinary professionals love Wink! Ranges like W123, WonderWORK and WonderFLEX are the most popular in this industry. Vets value function the most, prioritising pockets and storage, as well as strong durable fabric. Vets buy more green scrubs than other industries, known sometimes as “vet green” or “vet nurse green”.

Blue and green were the most popular colours, followed by black and grey. Colours that look professional but can hide a stain are ideal for animal based jobs. Northern veterinary professionals purchased quite a few more scrubs than southerners! They bought more blue scrubs, while southern customers bought more green.

Vet professionals are bucking the trend, northern customers bought no “other colour” scrubs. In stark difference to other sectors! Southern customers preferred black, green and grey, making bolder choices with their scrubs. Take a look below at the best selling scrubs from the dental sector.

Your top 5 vet scrubs styles of 2023 were:

Vets are the only sector with maternity scrubs in their “top products” list! Straight leg trousers and comfortable tops are most popular in this industry. Fabric that withstands our furry friends, and regular hot washing are a priority. As well as deep pockets, pen pockets and badge loops. Shop veterinary scrubs.


Dog grooming

Like beauticians, dog groomers loved Edit more than any other range. The water resistant and pet-hair resistant fabric is perfect for grooming adorable animals. We are excited to see more and more animal and dog groomers shopping for scrubs from Kara. Our grooming customers want to look professional, and keep their uniform looking fresh.

Black was the most popular colour, followed by grey and blue. Similar to other sectors. These colours are calming and modern, and are able to hide more than lighter colours! Southern customers bought more than northerners, and the colour choices were generally similar. However, southerners bought significantly less grey scrubs than northern dog groomers.


Like our southern vets, dog groomers in the south opted for more “other colours”. Making more unique choices, in colours outside of these categories such as purple and reds. You didn’t want the basics – style and fit means a lot to dog grooming customers.

Your top 5 dog grooming styles of 2023 were:

Like our beauty and aesthetics customers, dog groomers loved Kara Edit. Focusing on style and comfort. The Editex fabric is perfect for this industry, style meets substance and durability. Dog groomers value pockets and zips for easy wear and storage of your everyday essentials. Shop dog grooming scrubs.


Shop new scrubs

We hope you enjoyed finding out about the best selling scrubs from Kara in 2023, maybe you found a new range to try or set of scrubs you love. We make scrubs shopping easier than ever, you can shop by category, or by colour, or if you want to have a long browse, shop all.

If you are in any of these industries, or like the look of the best-sellers in this post, shop by sector: Beauty | Medical | Dental | Veterinary | Dog Grooming

Happy shopping!

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Care awards 2023

Kara was shortlisted as a Finalist in the Tomorrow's Care Awards 2023 for the suitability of the Kara Edit uniform range for care home teams


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