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Medical Uniforms & Medical Scrubs

Kara provides some of the best medical scrubs and nurses uniforms in the UK. As exclusive dealers of WonderWink within the UK we seek to provide the best quality scrubs available in the UK at affordable prices.

Medical Scrubs have a long history in the UK. Before medical scrubs a doctor, even a surgeon, like others in professions of the day would wear a suit and tie to work. The idea was to instil confidence in those who were undergoing procedures, to provide them with a sense that a professional was responsible for the work that was being undertaken and that as a patient you were therefore in safe hands.

But with the rise of germ theory and the understanding in the 1940’s and 1950’s of how infection was caused and could spread, the medical community started to wear medical scrubs instead. At first these were all white however as understanding of operating environments grew people realized that this caused eye strain and more gentle light absorbing colours such as green and blue not only were more calming but created a better environment for doctors and nurses to work for longer in.

However, at Kara we believe that just because the medical scrub is a necessity to a sanitary environment does not mean that the professional assurance that came with the suits of doctors of old has to be lost. Far from it, at Kara we believe in only supplying medical uniforms and nurses uniforms of the highest quality from brands such as Wonderwink that share our ideals and values. As a result we believe that we can once again make medical scrubs Fit For Work.