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Top Dental Tips From the UK’s Best Dentists

Top Dental Tips From the UK’s Best Dentists

Kara will be attending The British Dentistry Show this weekend in Birmingham which is running over Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May. If you are also attending, we would love you to come say hello at our stall! We will be showcasing the latest trends in dental scrubs displaying new colours and styles. We’ll be accepting orders on the day so you can kit your team out instantly with your favourite styles.

In the lead up to the show, we are featuring some of the UK’s best dentists and their top dental tips for maintaining a healthy smile.

Dr Marcela Sanchez – The Stonehealth Clinic

Dr Macela Sanchez, dental advice

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Marcela’s tips:

1. Teach them young! – Prevention is key and if you teach children to brush twice a day for at least 2 mins each time, visit the dentist regularly and have a balanced diet, you will save them a lot of pain (literally) and expensive dental bills in the future.

2. Gum disease doesn’t just mean your gums bleed – Gum disease has been linked to heart problems, pneumonia and even pancreatic cancer! Therefore daily flossing is a very small sacrifice to make to maintain general health, as well as a fresh and healthy mouth.

3. Interdental cleaning is key! – Some people still believe that flossing is a waste of time. Although it is true that floss is not right for everyone, some form of interdental cleaning is required. Very often people need interdental brushes (for bigger gaps) and this should also be done daily! Don’t worry, once a day is enough.


Dr Sina Ghezel – Harley Street Dental Group

Dr Sina Ghezel, dental advice

Sina’s tip: “Don’t wait until you are in pain to go and see your dentist. Regular examinations with your dentist and visits to the hygienist can prevent tooth ache and gum disease!”


Dr Nicola Z Gore – Totteridge Dental Studio

Dr Nicola Gore, dental advice

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Nicola’s tips: “Bad breath or halitosis can be embarrassing the cause of this is related to poor oral hygiene, as the breakdown of food can cause bacterial growth in between the teeth. This gives off a bad odour, hence make sure you floss and brush your teeth twice a day and brush your tongue with a tongue scraper. You can use sugar free chewing gum and mouthwashes to refresh your mouth throughout the day. Also see your GP or doctor to make sure the bad breath is not related to your stomach visit your dentist and hygienist for regular checkups and teeth cleaning.

Teeth Whitening – Teeth whitening is one of the most effective and least invasive way to improve your smile. You must be over 18 years of age and have no decay or gum disease. Visit your dentist to get the all clear and your dental professional can supply you with tooth whitening gels (only a dentist can whiten the teeth). During teeth whitening your teeth may get sensitive so make sure you use a de-sensitizing tooth paste, before starting teeth whitening.”


Savan Shah – Savan Dental and Facial Aesthetics

Savan Shah dental advice

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Savan’s tip: “Sugar is not your friend. The more sugar you consume, the higher the chance you have of developing tooth decay. Watch out for those pesky hidden sugars too! Pure fruit juices for example may seem healthy but the natural sugars they contain can cause harm. Stick to meal times and smaller quantities!”


Dr Mark Hughes – Harley Street Dental Studio

Dr Mark Hughes, dental advice

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Mark’s tip: “Avoid smoking, but if you do, avoid using candies, tea or coffee to mask the odour. This doubles the amount of damage caused.”


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