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How long does shipping take? 

Can I pay more and get my order delivered more quickly?

Can you deliver to an address outside of Europe?

My delivery tracking ID isn't working

My order is showing as 'Awaiting Fulfilment' - what does this mean?


How long does embroidery add to my expected delivery date?

How do I add embroidery on my order?

Can I have logos on both sides of my scrubs?

How much does embroidery cost?

I've already had embroidery before - can I use the same logo?

I've already had embroidery before - do I have to pay the set-up fee again?


Kara Express

What is Kara Express?

Which items are in the Kara Express range?

Can I order items from outside the Kara Express range and still have 1-2 day delivery?

I ordered a Kara Express item more than 2 working days ago and it hasn't arrived yet

Can I order for a group on the Kara Express range?


Group Orders

How do I apply my group order discount?

What group order discounts do you offer?

What does a 'set' mean?



What size do I need?

Are the products true to size?

Do you sell long or petite leg trousers?

Do you offer bigger sizes than advertised?



Can I return an item?

What address do I send returns to?

Do I have to pay for return postage?

Can I exchange for something else?

I sent back my item but haven't had a refund yet

Can I return embroidered items?


Sample packs

What is the sample pack?

How much does the sample pack cost?

How long do I get to try the samples on?

I'm ready to return my sample pack



How do I update my order?

I received the wrong product

Where is my order?

Where can I find my order history?


Promotions / coupons

What is the 10% first order discount code? I missed it  

My discount code isn't working

Do you offer bulk discounts?

I have a credit on my account - how do I use this?



I can't select the size/colour combination I want

I want a different coloured trim

I want Jaanuu items that you don't stock



Can I pay by invoice?

Do you accept AMEX?

Can I pay by PayPal?

Can you refund into a different account from the one I used to pay?

How long do I have to pay an invoice?

My card isn't being accepted