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How practical are your scrubs?

How practical are your scrubs?

How practical is your work uniform? When we think back to the original scrubs, we think boxy, unflattering, and basic. Even though scrubs were originally designed to be a functional product, not all scrubs are created equal. Medical scrubs are in often cases without enough pockets, they are made from stiff fabric, and generally unpleasant to wear.

Now, many of us prioritise style with our scrubs! With the focus on stylish and shape enhancing scrubs, many brands have neglected their function. After all, functionality and utility are what a good scrub set is all about. Let’s see if your scrubs are as practical as they can be…

Pockets, pockets, pockets!

There is a rarely a time where a pocket isn’t useful, especially when working. All scrubs tend to have at least one pocket, but when has one ever been enough? Carrying keys, ID, your mobile phone, pens, equipment and more means you need thoughtfully designed pockets to store your everyday essentials.

Though, don’t be fooled by scrubs with “lots of pockets”, as this doesn’t mean they are actually useful. The design and function of the pockets matters, which is why Kara scrubs have such a wide variety of pocket types. Here are just a few:


Chest pockets

Many scrubs feature a chest pocket, which are useful if they are large enough. From Wink, you can find chest pockets with things like hidden zippers to keep your essentials safe. If you lean forward in a basic scrub top, you can expect to see your items scattered onto your patient or across the floor!

With our chest pockets, you can also find dedicated pen slots, and functional utility loops for badges.

Cargo pockets

Everyone’s favourite, the cargo pocket! Typically found on scrub trousers, cargo pockets are deep, and secure. The fastenings ensure you don’t lose your essentials. and don’t interfere with your busy day. At Kara, you can find various types of cargo pockets, large, slim, and deep.

As well, you will find multi-accessory loops, hidden zippers, additional pockets, pen slots and much more on a pair of cargo scrub trousers.

practical uniformSide entry pockets

With a lot of scrubs, you will find top loading pockets at the bottom of your scrub top. While these are certainly useful, side entry pockets provide a more flattering silhouette. They look less bulky, without compromising on function. The deepness of these pockets keeps your items safe.


practical uniformsMobile phone pocket

A newer addition to scrubs, the mobile phone pocket is something everyone needs. Usually you will find this in place of a cargo pocket, or somewhere on your trousers. It should be sleek, thin and most importantly, secure. Many of us want our phones close by, for emergencies, or just to track our steps.


Material matters

Fabric is arguably one of the most important features of your scrubs. Basic scrubs can be stiff, and not soft to the touch. If you are rushed off your feet, and wearing scrubs for up to 12 hours a day, the material of your scrubs really matters. Fortunately, scrubs material has come a long way. Practical uniform doesn’t need to be uncomfortable.

Stretchy scrubs are the new normal, but you can go even further. Water resistant and hair resistant scrubs are readily available, making your scrubs last, and look fresher for longer. At Kara, you can choose from:

EditTex – Motion stretch polyester, easy-care, quick drying, wrinkle resistant, water resistant and hair resistant.

RENEW – Sustainable recycled polyester, each garment contains 5 x recycled plastic water bottles, combined with spandex, wear tested for quality and durability.

PRO – Innovative stretch fabric, wash, wear & go, polyester – rayon – spandex blend, soft touch.

W123 – Smart 4-way stretch, quick dry wicking fabric, temperature regulating, 100% microfibre polyester, leading edge technology.

WORK – High thread count, durable polycotton, wash, wear & go, stretches in all the right places.


Functional features

Our scrubs have tons of other useful and unique features, from tagless tops, to a cuffed ankle, we have scrubs to support any challenge your workday throws at you. Fortunately, you never have to compromise with us. Choose the function you need, and we guarantee you will also find a range of sizes, colours, and styles. Let’s take a look at some other key scrub features:


practical uniformHidden shoulder zip – Again, this is a unique feature from RENEW. This feature was designed for minimal contact removal of scrubs, perfect for medical professionals, as well as dentists and vets.

The hidden zipper sits on the shoulder, and allows you more room to remove your scrub top from over your head. A unique and hygienic option.


Cuffed ankles – So many of our customers love a cuffed ankle, they are practical, comfortable and look great. The last thing you need during a busy day, is your trousers riding up, or moving around.

Cuffed ankles are ideal for those on the go, but want to look professional and stay cool all day long.


practical uniformUtility loops – These come in all shapes and sizes! They can be inside a pocket, by the shoulder, on your trousers, or waistband. These handy little loops allow you to attach ID badges, pens, keys and more to your uniform.

The secure fastenings are ideal to ensure your essentials do not get in your way during your workday.


Shop by workplace

To find the perfect practical uniform for you, you can shop by workplace. These categories have been specifically curated to incorporate the features, styles and colours preferred by each profession. Shop what your colleagues are wearing!

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Care awards 2023

Kara was shortlisted as a Finalist in the Tomorrow's Care Awards 2023 for the suitability of the Kara Edit uniform range for care home teams


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